Thanks for visiting Shot4Shot: for the love of film, a film journal which will analyze and enjoy some cinematic brilliance one shot at a time.

As a director of television and film, I’m constantly floored & inspired by the inventiveness, freshness or just plain audacity of the camera work and staging by some of my favorite movie directors. These shots illuminate theme and create maximum story impact, often invisibly, with enormous economy.

For years, I’ve been keeping a log book of these shots, which I periodically flip through for inspiration.  This blog will include frame grabs of the shots (like little storyboards), a video link when possible, and an explanation of why I think the shot is so memorable, effective and worthy of inclusion.

The list of famous directors that will be represented here will be wildly eclectic – Lean, Leone, Cuaron, Minnelli, Cukor, Welles, Kieslowski, Kalatozov, Chaplin, Capra, Tarkovsky, Coppola (both dad & daughter), Lee (both Spike and Ang), etc, etc, and perhaps a few shots of my own!  (You may notice a wee disproportionate representation of Spielberg‘s movies.  What can I say?  It’s nearly impossible for the man to make an uninventive shot.)

This should be great fun – so check back often as I’ll be updating new shots all the time.

Happy viewing! Let me know what you think!

Johnny Baumgartner