Speaking of oners (check out the newly minted glossary, link on above menu-bar, if you need any clarification on that term) nothing beats, in terms of performance & overall impact, this amazing single shot from Paper Moon.  It’s such a simple thing – on the surface – but took Bogdanovich a grueling day and half to get this short scene.

The little girl, Tatum O’Neil (daughter of Ryan, screen right) gives an amazing performance, especially considering she’s 9.  Thing is, if she’d go up on a line, the whole parade — the tow vehicle, the picture car, any crew vehicles — had to be turned around and reset – an arduous process that would only allow for a limited number of takes before they lost the daylight.

Peter Bogdanovich’s Paper Moon Persistence

They didn’t get it the first day, and Bogdanovich had to fend off incredulous and desperate producers who wanted him to move on.  He knew he was on the verge of something special, and the final result is magnificent on all levels.  Coverage of this scene would have really lessened the verisimilitude and impact, I feel.

You can check out the scene in this youtube video: