In addition to a definitions, I’ll throw in my 2 cents.

Oner – an uninterrupted, i.e. continuous, single shot.  “Oner” comes from “one.” (As in “one shot.”) No cut-aways or additional coverage. A master shot. These shots often convey more “weight” because they are born of a single intention. Examples here and here.

Open matte – a filming technique that involves matting out the top and bottom of the film frame in the movie projector (known as a soft matte) for the widescreen theatrical release and then scanning the film without a matte (at Academy ratio) for a full screen home video release. More here.

Pan and scan – a method of adjusting widescreen film images so that they can be shown within the proportions of a standard definition 4:3 aspect ratio television screen, often cropping off the sides of the original widescreen image to focus on the composition’s most important aspects. More here.

Pocket dialogue – dialogue, not provided by the screenplay, used to fill the time a director & actors need to carry out the on-camera action.  Usually written on the fly or improvised as the blocking is discovered.  Example here.

Zoetrope – a 19th-century optical toy consisting of a cylinder with a series of pictures on the inner surface that, when viewed through slits with the cylinder rotating, give an impression of continuous motion. (According to the dictionary widget on my mac.)


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